Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital door lock?

A digital door lock (or electronic lock) is a locking device which operates electronically, allowing access via different methods.

What are the types of digital door lock?

Locks are typically classify by the access type. Xrola provides locks supporting Numeric(PIN), RFID or Biometric access. Note that these are not mutually exclusive. A single door lock usually support two or more access types.

What are the advantages of using digital door lock?

  1. No more carrying of keys.
  2. Ease of access: Just enter a PIN, swipe your finger or flash the RFID card/tag.
  3. Easily reprogrammable to grant or revoke access to family, friends and contractors. No more passing around of metal keys.
  4. Use a single RFID tag or card to open multiple locks.

Is a Digital Door Lock safe?

Digital door locks are built with security and safety in mind. There is no way to hack your digital locks. Thus it is important to keep your RFID tags securely and remember your numeric PINs. Digital locks generally restricts access one-way and allows for unrestricted access the other way. Occupants will never be prevented from exiting a premise during an emergency.

Can I install it on my gate?

Yes, for a complete keyless solution, we recommend that you install digital locks on both your wooden door and gate. We have a very elegant solution that allows us to install the digital door locks on > 99% of gates in SG. Alternatively, you may choose to leave your gate unlocked if you are only installing a digital door lock on your wooden door.

What happens when the battery goes flat? Will I be able to unlock the lock?

A low battery alert will let you know when it is time to change the battery. All digital locks comes with external battery terminals that will allow you to power up the locks with a 9V battery. All lcoks are designed to allow occupants to exit the home without need for power, PIN, cards.

What happens when I forget my access PIN ?

All digital locks support two or more access methods to gain entry into your home, so it is extremely unlikely that you exhaust all means of gaining access to your home. Once you gain entry to your home, you may reprogram your digital lock with a new PIN.

What happens when I lost one of my key tags?

Using a traditional lock, losing a physical key will require you to change the lock or the lock cylinder. With a digital lock, losing a RFID tag / card only requires you to reprogram the digital lock to deny access to lost tag.

What is RFID cards? Can I use my Ezlink or credit cards with my digital lock?

Our current range of digital locks supports ISO 14443A RFID cards. Any card that implements ISO 14443A can be used. Ezlink cards cannot be used. Some of the credit cards can be used.

What are the differences between Yale and Gateman locks?

Gateman and Yale (YDR) are essentially the same locks from the same parent company (Assa Abloy), branded and localised differently for different regions. Xrola’s Gateman branded locks are imported from Korea. English user guides and on-site demo will be provided. 1 yr on-site warranty is provided by Xrola. You can be assured that with the Yale / Gateman quality, your digital locks will last you many good years.

What are the differences between Samsung Korean domestic models and International release models

There are 2 groups of Samsung locks, one for Korean domestic market, one for the International markets.

These are the general differences and may vary slightly from models to models.

1. Language

International release: English user guides and text on the lock.
Korean release: Korean user guides and text on the lock.
See more info in additional notes below.

2. Emergency keys

International release: 5 mechanical keys
Korean release: 2 mechanical keys

3. Master PIN feature

International release: Supports a software Master PIN feature where a user-defined Master PIN is required when programming the lock. If the Master PIN is lost or forgotten, anyone with access to the battery compartment can reset the lock to the default Master PIN of 1234.
Korean release: Does not support the MASTER PIN feature. Anyone with access to the battery compartment can reprogram the lock.

4. Double deadbolt mortise

International release: Depending on regions, some get double deadbolt mortise, some get single deadbolt mortise.
Korean release: Single deadbolt mortise.

5. Colours

Availability of colours depends on models and design.

Additional notes:
* Samsung locks do not have voice prompts. You will not hear any form of greetings or instructions in any language.
* Text if any on the lock is not critical for the use of the locks. English user guides are available.
*Digital locks are easy to use, with or without user guides.

How does Bluetooth access work on Samsung locks?
Why Bluetooth access stopped working on DP920.

This FAQ section addresses the Bluetooth access functionality on a Samsung digital door locks (DP920 / DP728) and some misconceptions .

Common misconceptions buyers might have:
- Remote unlocking the door using smartphone is supported.
- Remotely granting access to any user (smartphones) is supported.
- Entries and exits notifications are always sent to remote smartphones in real time.
- The lock will automatically unlocks when users reach home while smartphone ist still in pocket or bag.

Before addressing these misconceptions, let's first understand how Bluetooth access works.

Compatible iOS or Android phones (i.e. NOT all smartphones) will need to first download Samsung's app Shome Doorlock from their respective Appstore or Play Store. Follow the instructions in the app to pair the app to the digital lock. Up to 8 smartphones (apps) can be paired to one digital lock.

After the smartphone(s) are paired, to unlock using Bluetooth access:
1. Approach the digital lock from the front. The proximity sensor will detect your presence and automatically attempts to establish Bluetooth connection to your phone. If your presence is not detected by the proximity sensor, you have to 'wake' the lock up by touching the keypad with your palm.
2. If a previously paired smartphone is found, depending on phone model and OS used, you may need to :
- Reach out for your smartphone from your bag or pocket.
- unlock the smartphone if you had enabled screen / keypad lock.
- locate and launch the Shome Doorlock app
- press the big button to unlock the digital lock.
3. Multiple smartphones that were paired to the same digital lock automatically forms a group. The smartphone being used to access the digital lock will get the latest access logs from the digital lock and will propagate the log information to the other smartphones in the group. Note that the digital lock itself does not have internet access capability and will not be able to send out entry / exit notifications directly to all paired smartphones.

Some common challenges encountered when trying to use Bluetooth access:
1. Smartphone is not with you.
2. Smartphone is powered off or Bluetooth is disabled (power saving mode?).
3. Bluetooth connection takes a few moments longer or is unable to establish.
4. The smartphone is in the mist of a phone call, game or some other phone operations.
5. Unlocking the lock using fingerprint or PIN can be faster and more convenient.

Back to the misconceptions:
1. Digital lock does not have built-in Internet access capability (i.e. wifi or cellular). Bluetooth access requires physical presence within a few meters. Therefore remote unlocking the lock via Internet is not possible.
2. Prior physical pairing of the smartphone using the Shome Doorlock app is required before using the smartphone to unlock the digital lock. Remotely granting access to other smartphones is not supported.
3. Entries notifications are propagated to smartphones only if the person entering is unlocking the door with a smartphone. If fingerprint, PIN, card, key access are used, then the lock will not be able to identify the user and has no means to send notifications to any smartphone remotely.
4. The digital lock is not able to distinguish whether the Bluetooth smartphone is inside or outside the house and thus not able to automatically unlocks the door with the presence of the smartphone is detected. User will need to launch the app and press a button in the app to unlock the digital lock.

In Oct 2016, Samsung released an updated version of Shome Doorlock that will not allow smartphone/app to pair to DP920 if it detects that the user is not located within Korea.