• Still using that chunky door lock?

    Security and convenience, they can happen together.

  • Key is NOT needed!

    Throw away your keys.

  • Introducing Digital Door Lock

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XROLA Systems - Home Automation made easy!

At Xrola, we aim to provide best home automation products to you.

Our first series of products are Digital Door Locks. Scroll down to find out more.

Why Digital Door Lock?

No More Keys

Gone are the days where you left your key at home and you have to rush back to get it. You just need your finger or a PIN to gain access to your home.

Auto Lock

Ever worry you forgetting to lock the door? Not any more. The digital door locks can be configured to automatically lock when the door is closed.


Easily grant and revoke access to family, friends and contractors.

State of the Art Technology

All Digital Locks provided by Xrola are best of its class, manufactured by well-known brands.